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Pyramid Brushes

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A flower made with triangle Illustrator brushes

Stacked Triangle Brushes

(Originally posted on Illustrator Freebies, September 6th 2013)

Today’s set of brushes were inspired by a set of salt and pepper shakers from the 1970’s. I’m sure you’ve already noticed that I love vintage and retro design, and a lot of my work is realted to those styles. I am a child of the 70’s and 80’s after all 😉

Whilst they look a little plain when used to draw straight lines,

Pyramid brushes for Adobe Illustrator

they really come to life when used to draw flowing, freeform lines.

Freeform, flowing lines drawn in Illustrator with free retro pyramid brushes

They can also be stacked and reversed horizontally to create interesting flower motifs. As with many of my brushes they are set so you can choose your own colours.

Stacked triangle flowers drawn in Adobe Illustrator

File DownloadDownload the free set for Adobe Illustrator

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, September 6th 2013. All rights reserved.

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