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Furness Tatting Designs No 3

Furness Tatting Designs No 3

This booklet is the third in the Furness series of tatting books from New Zealand.

When I first started learning to tatt I assumed that tatted doilies and edgings were all white and ecru and I was quite surprised to see the amazing colours in the doily on the cover (one of a set of different sized pieces).

This booklet contains two headbands for wedding veils, lots of edgings, a handbag, doilies, a collar, revers and pocket trimmings.

There is a nice selection of simple edgings for newer tatters

Vintage tatted edgings

and some more complex ones for tatters with a bit more skill.

Vintage tatted edgings

This is my absolute favourite project from the book though. This large mat matches the smaller doily on the cover, and there is also a centrepiece and edging for "cork mat covers". I assume by cork mat they mean a trivet or coaster?

Vintage linen table mat with tatted edging

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