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Toy's Picnic Blanket

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Approximately 10 by 10 inches


Scraps of dk weight yarns, one smooth and one eyelash (I used Cleckheaton Country and Cleckheaton Faux Fur)
6x6 inch square loom
Crochet hook for making fringe.


Using your smooth yarn, wind the weft on your loom. Weave with the eyelash yarn. When finished, remove your piece from the loom.

Using both yarns together, wind your yarns around the outside of the loom approximately 24 times. Cut the loop in half, then cut the threads in half again (these are for the fringe).

Using 2 strands of each yarn together, make a fringe around the outside of your weavettes square, making a tassel in each double loop.

Using your weaving needle, fluff up the eyelash yarn to make a fluffy pile on the top of your rug.

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