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Flower Looms: Popcorn Flowers

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Crocheting popcorns around the edges of loomed flowers gives them a whole new look. Try it on single and double layer flowers for different effects.

My sample flower was made on a 3½" Studio Twelve Multi-fleur loom with worsted weight yarn and a 4mm crochet hook.

You can make them on any loom. Just adjust the weight of the yarn used and your hook size to suit. Thin yarns could be tried with very small looms while a bulky yarn and large hook might work with the large flower on large looms.

Make a flower with two rounds of petals and a centre of your choice. I made a flower with an overcast centre.

Outer round

*slip stitch into a petal, chain 3

work a popcorn into the first chain stitch (the one closest to the flower) thus:

** yarn round hook, hook through chain, yarn round hook and pull through (3 loops on hook), yarn round hook and pull through 2 loops on hook;

Repeat from ** four more times (6 loops on hook), yarn round hook and pull through all 6 loops,

repeat from * into each petal and join to the beginning of the round with a slip stitch.

If your popcorns look a little flat, give them a squeeze with your fingers to make them plump and round.

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