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Flower Looms: Grids for Designing Your Own Colour Combinations

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Chart for a bedspread made using a 2" loom

All sorts of patterns can be made using flower loom motifs just by changing the colour of your flowers. These grids are designed to be either printed and coloured in, or coloured in on your computer.

If you use a 2" loom and join the motifs very close together, the full grids will make a bedspread approximately 6'4" x 7'9". Larger looms will allow you to use them to design larger items. You can use the grids to design anything you like including stoles, scarves and table cloths.

To save them as jpgs for colouring in on your computer, right click the images and choose "save as".

To download all of the blank grids in one pdf file to print and colour, click here.

Grid for Round Looms

Chart for a bedspread made using a 2" loom

Grid for Round Looms - Honeycomb Repeat

Three sample designs using the honeycomb grid

Grid for Square Looms

Two sample designs using the square grid

Grid for Square Looms - Brick Repeat

An afghan design made using a 2" square loom

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