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This version of the popular Bierocks recipe includes how to make the bread by hand. It appears here with kind permission from "the Sockguy" :)

Cakes, Crumbles, Scones and Muffins

. My father's favourite 8-)

. Little butter cakes covered with chocolate and coconut. This recipe also contains several variations on the basic butter cake

by Rita Taylor

. We don't use pumpkins to make pie in Australia, we make scones! :)

Chocolate cake

. Now with a how-to recipe video

Cookies (Biscuits to my Fellow Aussies), Rolls and Bars

. Oatmeal & golden syrup biscuits, an Australian favourite

. Lemon snack bar. This recipe was kindly sent to me by my friend David Sykes from New York :)

Desserts (Misc)

. A traditional Australian/New Zealand dessert with a meringue base and cream and fruit topping.

Gelatine Based Desserts

Mum's trifle recipe

. A delicious English dessert made from jelly (jell-o), custard, cream, sponge cake and fresh fruit and a little liqueur if you're feeling decadent. (Now includes a video)

, this one is made without jelly (jell-o)


Treacle tart

including instructions for Treacle Tart (with video), Jam Tart and Mum's Apple Pie.

Pies and Tarts

Treacle tart

- Week 4 of the Pottermore celebrations (video)

Side Dishes

Sausages in Yorkshire pudding

Sausages baked in Yorkshire Pudding batter. A favourite with the kids!

Yorkshire pudding

A traditional English side dish to serve with a steaming hot roast. (Now includes a video)


. Meat and potato stew.

. Also known as Ratatouille. A delicious vegetable stew.

Cooking Tips

Check out for more cooking tips!

This is the master list that I use when cooking from vintage recipes from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Print straight from the page or dowload a pdf to print later.

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