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How to Use a Knitting Spool

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spool knit

My father taught me to do french knitting in a knitting spool when I was a child. I still have my favourite spool that he made for me when I was eleven. It was made from an old axe handle and I loved it so much I carved my initials and the date in it so no-one could steal it :-)

That spool had 4 nails and I have since purchased ones with 6 and 8 nails to expand the range of what I can make on them. Sure, I could just knit using the icord technique, but that's not as much fun!

sppol 1: Thread the yarn through your spool knitter from top to bottom.
spool cast on 2: Cast on by winding your yarn around the nails in a anti-clockwise direction. Don't pull the yarn too tightly or you won't be able to knit your first round.
spool knit 3: To knit, wind your yarn around the outside of the nails in an anti-clockwise direction.

spool knit 2

4: Using a needle or pointed stick, lift the loop on each nail up and over the yarn wound around the outside of the nails. Continue working in an anti-clockwise direction until your cord is long enough. To cast off, cut the yarn and thread it through each loop. Pull tight to fasten off.

Want to make beaded jewellery with your french knitter? Check out this video from Clover Needlecraft

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