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Slip Stitch Scalloped Edging

Slip St Edging


Sl 1 = Slip 1 st purlways

K = Knit


Using contrast colour cast on a number of sts divisible by 6+1. Change to main colour and continue as follows.

1st row: K3, (Sl 1, K6) rep to last 3 sts, K3

Rep this row 7 times more, making sure to keep the yarn on the wrong side of the work when you slip the sts.

Continue in your desired colour and st.

If you are going to continue knitting plain garter or st st, and not a mosaic or fairisle st that pulls the knitting in slightly, you will need to change to a size smaller needles, or dec 1 in every 12 sts to stop the knitting flaring.

Copyright © January, 1998 Sarah Bradberry