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T-65 X-Wing Star Fighter by Forster Knitting Design

X-wing knitting chart

Star wars jumperStar wars jumper

This chart appears courtesy of (and with kind permission from) Richard and Jackie Forster. You can see the finished X-Wing on the top right hand side of Jackie's amazing jumper above.

"A desperation design, as I could not get any from the net that actually looked like the X Wing. It took four attempts six eye crossing hours and several cups of coffee to get it right. Inexperienced knitters beware is not as easy as it looks but as you can see from the finished article it can be done.

Hint 1. Use several little balls of wool for the detail to work left and right of centre.

2. When carrying wool along move no more than two stitches before knitting in.

Apologies for picture it’s not easy photographing knitted garments."

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