Free Knitting Patterns

I love to collect vintage knitting patterns and design my own on a regular basis. Here you'll find just some of my collection that have fallen into the public domain, plus a selection of my original designs.

(this is a very large page and may take a long time to download)

Free knitting patterns - afghans

Knitting patterns for afghans, knee rugs and blankets knit in one piece, squares and strips. You'll find a large range of techniques in these free patterns including entrelac, modular knitting, lace and a garter stitch rib blanket from the late 19th century.

Free knitting patterns - baby patterns

A range of modern and vintage knitting designs ranging from full layettes to Shetland lace baby shawls. Cardigans, jumpers (sweaters), shawls, bonnets, bootees, hats, soakers, afghans/blankets, singlets (vests) and even a hooded baby towel! My favourite is a baby blanket with three little rabbits tucked in bed.

Free knitting patterns - bags

Patterns to knit a large felted bucket style tote bag, fulled backpack and classic linen stitch shoulder bag.

Bookmarks are a great way to practice lace stitches on a small piece of knitting. You'll also find a knitted version of the crochet corkscrew worm bookmark.

Tiny knitting patterns to be worn as brooches or pins.

Here you'll find patterns and charts for festive jumpers (sweaters), Christmas tree decorations and a personalized Christmas stocking that has been the favourite of American families since the 1940's.

This section contains a lot of different knitting patterns for children, women and men. Jumpers (sweaters or pullovers), cardigans, vests (sleeveless pullovers), boleros, dressing jackets and gowns, lingerie and underwear. Yes, that's right, knitted knickers! Vintage and modern knitting patterns from utterly gorgeous to slightly silly :)

This collection of charts for colour knitting covers a huge range of designs and motifs. Including everything from classic designs for flowers, snowflakes and Christmas motifs, to Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pokemon (including Pikachu), Miffy, Barbie and more. You'll find both intarsia knitting charts and fair-isle knitting charts.

Knitted counterpanes (bedspreads knit in pieces or strips) were very popular in the 19th century, mostly being made of white cotton. Keep with tradition and use white cotton for a classic look or use these vintage patterns (rewritten in modern knitting terms) to make comfy and colourful wool blankets and afghans.

Knitted cushions and pillows are a great way to brighten up your decor or add a touch of texture. This collection includes a pillow knit in the style of old fashioned counterpanes and bold geometric cushions from the 1930's and 40's.

Knitted doilies, place-mats and tablecloths can be either lacy and feminine or modern, geometric and colourful. These patterns cover both styles with a selection that can be knit flat as well as some that are worked in the round. You could even knit some of them with yarn to make a shawl, blanket or afghan.

Knitting patterns for a cat costume (with ears and a tail) and Teletubbie hats!

Here you'll find free patterns to knit scrunchies, bows and a 1940's style knitted snood.

Hats are one of my favourite projects to knit and you'll find a large number of patterns in this collection. They cover a range of techniques and styles including fair-isle, entrelac, and felted knitting with styles ranging from simple rolled brim beanies to classic 1940's fair-isle berets and a fun pumpkin hat for Halloween. You'll find hat patterns to knit in the round or flat.

This is the largest collection of knitting patterns for lace edgings and insertions on the internet today. I've spent many years collecting, updating and knitting lace edgings from every public domain source that I can find. It's an ever growing collection but there are already well over 100 patterns of all types and skill levels for you to use. Knit them in fine cotton as an edging to use on sewn projects such as pillowcases or in yarn for knitted projects like shawls and scarves.

Australian Comforts Fund booklet

Vintage patterns for knitting for the Army, Navy and Air Force. Military toys for children.

Any knit patterns that don't fit in any of the other collections :)

Original and vintage patterns for knitted mittens and gloves. This collection of patterns includes my custom fit, any yarn pattern for fingerless mitts, loopy fringed mittens and a large range of vintage patterns knit in the round or knit flat. You'll find gloves and mittens to fit every member of the family, including baby mittens, and a range of techniques from fair-isle to cables, embroidery to knitted lace.

If you have a BOND Incredible Sweater Machine or Ultimate Sweater Machine, you can use them to knit any of these patterns.

Free patterns for Gryffindor scarves, lace scarves, entrelac, seaman's scarves and even a snake! Knitted scarves can be classic, feminine or fun and you'll find a large range of styles in this collection. Knit a chunky scarf in an hour or challenge time and space with an authentic Doctor Who scarf. There's also a Victorian neck warmer and drop stitch scarf, both of which would make great additions to any Winter Steam punk outfit.

Feather and fan shawl free knitting pattern

This collection of patterns includes a large number of vintage baby shawls, including traditional Shetland shawls, and lace shawls in both round and square designs. You'll also find my favourite stash buster shawls including my feather and fan comfort shawl, a garter stitch comfort shawl and the dishcloth shawl, which has been a favourite for generations.

Kilt hose or socks. Free knitting pattern available

Knitted socks and slippers for everybody! These patterns include every type of socks and slippers from kilt hose for men to lace socks for little girls and double thick slippers for the coldest winter to super sparkly knit harem slippers. You'll also find argyle socks, intarsia sheep socks and super comfy vintage bed socks.

Skull and crossbones lace. Free knitting attern available

Instructions for classic knitting stitches plus original stitches I have designed. Includes my pattern for skull and crossbones lace, an original heirloom quality lace knitting stitch.

Koala tea cozy

Keep your cuppa warm with this collection of tea cosy (or tea cozy) patterns! You'll find vintage patterns with flowers, an original pattern for police car cosy and even a knitted version of the classic Australian koala tea cosy.

Knitted doll

Aside from hats, toys are my other favourite projects to knit. I also like making up my own patterns and you'll find all of the ones I remembered to write down here :) These patterns include Mr Bean's Teddy Bear, a re-imagining of a rabbit toy my Mum knit for me when I was three, dolls and clothes for Barbie dolls. You'll also find cats, more bears, and even some vintage patterns.

Knitted tea towels

Nothing says luxury quite like a hand knit washcloth and they make great little presents with some handmade soaps. I like my washcloths to be nice and textural and that's the type of patterns you'll find here.

Victorian Knitting Books, Updated for Modern Knitters

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from the knitting wiki

Cornelia Mee was at the forefront of publishing when it came to knitting patterns. Exercises in Knitting is one of the most important knitting publications of it's time. You'll find all of the patterns in the Wiki, and most of them have been test knit and rewritten in modern knitting terms by a group of knitters from the Librivox/Ravelry Cornelia Mee knitting project.

Free updated patterns for lace edgings and insertions, counterpanes and more from Home Work, published 1891

Over 150 patterns for knitted lace edgings, insertions, stitches, counterpanes, tidies (table runners or rectangular doilies), collars, shawls and more. The patterns have been updated for modern knitters, charted and most have been test knit.

Updated knitting patterns form the Ladies Guide to Elegant Lace Patterns, Etc

Patterns for lace edgings, insertions, afghans, counterpanes, scarves, wristers and tidies (table runners or rectangular doilies) from "The Ladies' Guide to Elegant Lace Patterns, Etc. Originally published in 1884, these patterns have been fully updated and charted for modern knitters, test knit and stitch mapped.

Free updated patterns for lace edgings and insertions, counterpanes and more from Home Work, published 1891

The patterns have been updated for modern knitters, charted and checked for errors.