About Me

Sarah Bradberry

This is me in October 2012. I thought it was time to update that twelve year old photo of me that was here before :) That guy you can just about see on the right is my brother.

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Sarah Bradberry


April 15th 1970, Surrey, England. I like to think I sound a little bit like a female Harry Potter who has lived in Australia for a bit. Sort of :)

Current Location

The east coast of Australia but not as close to the beach as I'd like.

Website Stuff

Believe it or not, Knitting-and.com has been online in one form or another since April, 1995. The days of dial-up, no Google and 1Mb website size limits. Yes, that really does say one megabyte.

I sometimes find that really hard to believe myself. As if you could have ever had a website that was only 1Mb.


Hobbies, obsessions, one of those. I'm quite fond of things that involve string. And making string. And by string, I mean yarn. I really have far too much yarn...

Knitting. I've been a knitter since I was five years old. I used to love making toys (actually, I still do) but these days I mostly knit cardigans and jumpers, especially for my kids.
Spinning (fibre, not bikes)
Felt making
Embroidery (hand and machine)
Printmaking. I have a degree in printmaking from Sydney College of the Arts, part of Sydney University.
Body piercing and adornment. In general, if it's creative, I'll have a go, although I prefer to wear the jewellery rather than poke holes in other people.