Knitting Patterns from "Home Work" 1891

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These patterns have been updated, charted, corrected (where necessary) and test knit wherever possible. Additional information on yarn, needle size, finished size and gauge have also been added.

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Lace Edgings, Insertions & Collars | Lace Counterpanes & Garments, etc

Section I: Terms and Stitches

Railroad stitch with ribbons


Section II: Designs for Knitting in Cotton and Linen

13: W

21: W

25: W

51: W

Diamond lace knit edging

105: W

Section III: Knitted Garments, Counterpanes etc.

3: W

Lace knit wristers

13: W

Lace knit wrist warmers

14: W

21: W (counterpane with leaves)

22: W (hexagonal counterpane)

23: W (square counterpane with leaves)

24: W (lace chevron stripe)

25: W (honeycomb stripe)

Swatch of the stitch pattern usedin Shell Tidy from 1891

27: W