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Velvet Appliqué Pansies

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Velvet Pansies

Pansies have always been my favourite flower so when I came across this picture of beautifully embroidered velvet pansies, I knew I had to share the pattern. There is no pattern for them in the book so I wrote one myself.

(Note: I gave Judith Montano permission to reproduce this pattern in her book "Floral Stitches". The fact that she chose not to credit me as the source of the pattern is a sore point. I did not ask for any payment for it to appear in her book, merely a copy of the book and credit in the notes. I did not receive either).

These pansies can be worked in any size but I think they look the most divine at about 5cm (2 inches) across.

Pattern pieces

Here is how it's done:

1: Choose your fabric. Traditionally these pansies were made from scraps of wide velvet ribbon but you can make them out of any fabric to suit your chosen project.

2: Print the pattern to your required size

3: Cut out the petals. You may want to make piece 1 a different colour. I love to make piece 1 a dark purple and the other pieces a rich rust colour.

Embroidery diagram

4: Baste the petals to your base fabric beginning with piece 1, then 2 and so on. You can vary the order you place the petals on the fabric but for this example they are placed in the above order. They look especially nice with the two small side petals placed on last.

5: Embroider following the diagram.

Outline in blanket stitch and use straight stitch for the details. Use colours to suit your fabric. A good idea is to look at botanical illustrations, seed packets or the real thing if you're lucky enough to have them!

Please note: A kind reader has informed me that my pansies are upside down! Please take this into account when placing them on your project.

Copyright © March 1997 Sarah Bradberry. All rights reserved.

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