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One picture shows the frog stretched out into his sitting position, while the other shows a closer look of the frog (Hazel had to fold his legs round to fit him in the scanner)

With green yarn knit a tube 21 inches/53cm long. Close end, stuff lightly, close other end.

Knit a green tube 8 inches/20cm long, close and stuff and close as above.

Make a third tube 3 inches/8cm long , close and stuff and close.

Find the centers of the leg and arm tubes and, laying one on top of the other, stitch them together in the center. Place the head tube, gathered end down on top of these stitches and sew it in place.

Glue jiggle eyes or make eyes from felt so that they stand up above his forehead. Embroider a big grin. Tie a piece of green yarn around his ankles and wrists to give him hands and feet.

I made a collar for my Pet Froggie by making a I-cord long enough to go around his neck. You could braid several strands of different colored yarn into a collar, too.

A Snake: Knit a tube about as long as your frog's long legs, stuff and close. Sew on some button eyes and make him a forked tongue out of red yarn or felt.

Images and pattern © Hazel Spencer January 18th 2000 e-mail:

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