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Beaded Wire Loomed Flowers

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Daisy winders and flower looms make a great jig for winding wire flowers.

These flowers were made on the one and a half inch loom from the Studio Twelve “1000 Flowers” set.

I used a couple of metres of 26 gauge silver coloured wire, a small button and bead.

You will also need a pair or wire cutters and a pair of pliers are handy for tidying up the end when you’re finished. You might also need to print the instructions for the oversewn centre.

Step 1: Leave a tail of wire 6 – 8 inches long at the back of your flower and wind the wire around the loom once.

Step 2: Wind the wore around the loom again.
Step 4: Cut the wire, leaving about 8 or 9 inches for weaving the centre. and wind the yarn around the centre following the instructions for the oversewn centre.
Step 5: Bring the wire to the front again and thread on a button and
a bead.
Then thread the wire back through the button and poke it through to the back of the flower.
Step 6: Twist the two ends of the wire together. This can be used to form a button shank or secure your flower to whatever it is you might want to secure it to.


Pop your flower off the loom and admire the pretty shininess.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.

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