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Faux French Beaded Loomed Flowers

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This beaded flower was made on a 2 inch crazy daisy winder.


    • 26 gauge wire in 2 colours
    • Lots of seed beads
  • A pair of small pliers and wire cutters
  • A scrap of wool or thread
  • A bodkin or large wool needle

Use a scrap of yarn to wind a single layer around your loom. Unwind it and use it to measure a piece of wire.

Make a small loop in one end of your wire to stop the beads falling off.
Thread the seed beads onto your wire, leaving about 6 inches without beads. Make a small loop on the other end so that the beads won’t fall off while you wind your flower.
Wind your beaded wire around the loom once.
Undo the loop on the unused end
Hold the wire firmly against the centre of your flower with your thumb and remove the extra beads from the end of the wire
Thread the wire through the centre of your flower and out between two petals.
Pinch the base of your petals together. This will make the centre easier to wind.
Take a piece of your second coloured wire about a metre long (a bit over a yard). Thread it through a needle, make a loop and twist it slightly. Using a needle will make your centre much easier to stitch.

You could also use yarn, thread or ribbon to stitch the centre.

Make an oversewn centre, stitching between each petal twice before moving onto the next one.
When you have finished, pop your flower off the loom.
Take the extra wire to the back of your flower and twist it together. You can then make a brooch, twist it to form a button loop or cover it with green tape (or thread) to make a stem.
Open up the petals with your fingers and you’re finished!

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.

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