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Flat Ribbon Straw Leaves and Petals

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These simple little ribbon straw twists can be used as leaves in both flat and free-standing floral arrangements.

You can also stick them behind or within loomed flowers to give added dimension.

Cut a piece of Swistraw or ribbon straw about 4 inches long
and carefully open it out widthways.
Twist in the centre
Fold it in half
Twist the other end to form a leaf/petal shape
If you want to trap your petals when winding the stem of a flower, cut it slightly longer and leave a longer section to trap inside the floral tape as you wrap the stem.
Coloured twists can also be used as petals.
Here I have stuck petals between the petals on the middle layer to create a fuller flower.

These instructions are based on the “Swistraw Leaves” instructions from “Swistraw and Loom Projects” by Lejeune Whitney Griffith, copyright LeJeune Incorporated, 1969. Photos are copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 10th 2011. All rights reserved.

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