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Starburst Centre for Loomed Flowers

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Starburst centres are a slight variation on the oversewn centre.

Instead of using the stitching to hold the flower together, it’s used to decorate a centre that has already been secured.

Firstly, make a flower with a stem stitch centre.

Take a length of yarn and thread it into a blunt needle.

Thread the yarn underneath your flower.

This allows you to hold the loose end in the hand that is holding the loom and keep your stitching tidy.
Take the yarn across to the opposite side of your flower.

Thread the yarn under the flower, coming out at the next space on the left of where you started.

and pull through. Don’t pull too tightly. You want your yarn to sit neatly on your flower without pulling the centre out of shape.
Take the yarn directly across the flower again.

Thread your yarn under the flower and come out at the next space on the left.

Repeat this process
until you have worked all the way around as many times as you want. My sample flowers have one round of stitching.
Darn in the ends and finish your flowers with whichever edging you prefer.

For these flowers I used a crochet lace edging.

This flower also has a shell stitch edging crocheted on the inner flower.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, February 21st 2011. All rights reserved.

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