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Two-Colour Flower Loom Buds

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Loomed flowers

Tiny buds make a nice addition to flower loom embroideries and arrangements.

Make them in colours to match your larger flowers and it will look like your yarn blooms are growing all by themselves!

Winding a flower on a loom Small looms work best for making this style of flower bud. I have used a Mini-Fleur loom to make the samples for this tutorial.

Start by making a flower with two or three rounds of petals.

Make a stem stitch or oversewn centre using a second colour.

Loomed flower Remove the flower from the loom and darn in the ends on the back.
Creating a loomed flower bud Take a length of yarn and thread it into a blunt needle.

Thread the yarn through all the loops of one petal.

Creating a loomed flower bud Continue all the way around.
Creating a loomed flower bud Tie the yarn in a tight knot and gather all of the petals towards the back of the flower.
A collection of loomed flower buds Tie a second knot to secure.

You can either leave the ends free to sew your bud onto your background, or trim the ends and push the cut ends into your flower to hide them.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, 28th March 2011. All rights reserved.

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