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Studio Twelve Instant Stitchery Kits, Flower Loom Kits and Ideas

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Above: Margaret Weymouth stitches on a project from the “Flower Show” booklet. In the background is the Flower Tree kit in the yellow/orange colourway while on the table you can see a glimpse of “Spring Song” in the lavender/blue colourway.

The following is a list of kits from 1972 that I found inside a Studio Twelve booklet I purchased on Ebay. I have found and collected images and added information to go with the kit titles.

Since I don’t own many of these kits and information is difficult to find I will update this page as I find new information and pictures.

Copyright dates for the kits were obtained from the United States Library of Congress Copyright Office database. All Studio Twelve kits are copyrighted to Studio Twelve Designs.

Please excuse the blurriness of some images. Some are scanned from tiny thumbnail images in vintage magazines and I have enlarged them quite a bit in case you wish to recreate them.

Photo (if available) Stock No. Product Suggested Retail (US$) Copyright

Fleur de Lion in a pink/yellow colourway. 28″x22″

Photos by Cathy Calahan, used with permission.

Contents of the kit. The box also shows the yellow/orange colourway.

110 Fleur de Lion, yellow/orange 9.00 December 20th, 1968

Victorian Bouquet in the lavender/blue colourway

Victorian Bouquet in the lemon/lime colourway. 15″x18″

210 Victorian Bouquet, yellow/orange 8.00 December 20th, 1968
220 Victorian Bouquet, lavender/blue 8.00
230 Victorian Bouquet, lemon/lime 8.00

Flower Tree in the yellow/orange colourway

Flower tree in the lavender/blue colourway


310 Flower Tree, yellow/orange 12.50 December 20th, 1968
320 Flower Tree, lavender/blue 12.50

Fanci Fleur in the yellow/orange on dark avocado colourway


410 Fanci Fleur, yellow/orange on dk avocado 9.00 November 12th, 1969
420 Fanci Fleur, blue/green 9.00

Country Garden in the yellow/orange on dark avocado colourway

Country Garden in the pink on off-white colourway. Photo copyright ebay user suesstuff52. Used with permission


510 Country Garden, yellow/orange on dk avocado


5.00 November 12th, 1969
540 Country Garden, pink on off-white 5.00


600 Grenadier 8.00


This pattern is printed in the 1982 “Fancy This!” leaflet as “Pierre”.

720 Pepé la Poodle 5.00 November 12th, 1969

Spring Song in the lemon/lime colourway

Spring Song in the pink/orange colourway. 12″x48″

820 Spring Song, lavender/blue 14.00 June 10th, 1970
830 Spring Song, lemon/lime 14.00
840 Spring Song, pink/orange 14.00
900 Butterflies 7.50


Ele-Fantasy in the red/white on blue colourway

1000 Ele-Fantasy, yellow on green 9.00
1040 Ele-Fantasy, red/white on blue 9.00

Daisy Doodles in the yellow/white colourway. 14″x11″ (probably meant to be 14″x9″ when framed to match the design below)


These pictures are copyrighted to ebay user jjmhtm and are used with permission.

Daisy Doodles Studio Twelve flower loom kit

1110 Daisy Doodles, yellow/white on gold 7.00
1130 Daisy Doodles, pink/white on gold 7.00

Each picture measures 8″x10″

1140 Tuitti Fruitti 8.00


This pattern is printed in the 1982 “Fancy This!” leaflet as “Ringlet Pillows”.

1150 Floral Ringlet, yellow/white on gold 7.50 1969


I’m guessing this may be the Blossom Pillow design but I have yet to find proof in the form of an actual kit.

This design is from “Flower Loom Projects from Studio Twelve Vol III”, the Merry Sunshine Pillow “Circle Design”

1300 Blossom Pillow, yellow/orange on avocado felt 8.00

Each kit made three partridges 4″x5″This pattern was also printed in “Flower Loom Projects from Studio Twelve Vol III”
1410 Partridges 3.50
1420 Mini-Fleurs 3.50

The buttercups kit made two pots of buttercups in orange and yellow

1430 Buttercups 3.50
1440 Pin Ups 3.50
1450 Garden Party 3.50


1460 Mushrooms 3.50


1510 Delphiniums 10.00

This version from 1969 measures 14×20″ when finished, even though the design is exactly the same. Photo copyright ebay user traci3651. Used with permission.


1520 Geraniums 8.00


1530 Wild Garden 10.00
Studio Twelve Lamb kit 1975


#1502 Lamb 1975

Other kits I have seen (These are Studio Twelve Instant Stitchery kits unless otherwise noted):

Photo Year of Advertisement Price US$ Name or Description



1973 $4.95pr Studio Twelve Stitchkins kit “Bee & Blossom”

The Bee design was also sold separately as a kit called “Buzz” or something similar (the sticker covers the name in the photo)


1973 $4.95pr Studio Twelve Stitchkins Kit “Mice are Nice/Mini Mice” These may not be the proper names for the kit but this is how it is described in Studio Twelve advertisements.

The topmost picture on the left was also sold with the bee & blossom kit as “Bee, Bouquet and Mini Mouse”


1974 $8.95 Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree kit also included three looms (multi fleur, mini fleur and square looms) and a copy of “Flower Loom Projects from Studio Twelve Vol. III”, which includes the instructions

The book and looms by themselves were priced in a kit at $4.95


1974 $11.95 Daisy Afghan

Apparently all the best crochet afghans were draped around ladies in outdoor settings in 1974. Don’t ask me why.


Stitched by Jennifer of twinfibers (used with permission).

Visit the twinfibers Flickr stream and blog.

1974 $7.95 Dandy Lion
Decoy duck stitckins kit 1977 “Decoy” Stitckins kit
Floral jubilee afghan kit


Floral Jubilee afghan kit.

I don’t know anything about this kit but the design of the packaging suggests it’s probably a Bucilla kit.

Knight instant stithery kit


1977 “Knight” Stitckins kit


1973 $4.95 Marguerites


1973 $4.95 Shasta Daisies


1974 $4.99 Sunshine Bouquet Instant Stitchery Kit (top), also published as Daisy Bouquet by Family Circle (bottom)


1974 $6.95 Tulips


1974 $12.50 Wool lap robe with acrylic stitching
Bucilla Creative Needlecraft Kits


Bucilla Creative Needlecraft, California Designers Series. “Monique”

Photo by Etsy user ZinniaSnipSnap. Used with permission.

Gardener's choice fbucilla flowr loom kit


1971 Gardener’s Choice #3235


Bucilla Creative Needlecraft, California Designers Series. “Gigi” design.


Bucilla Creative Needlecraft, California Designers Series. “Indian Summer” design.


Bucilla Creative Needlecraft, California Designers Series. “Mexicali” design.
PIerre bucilla flower loom kit


Bucilla Creative Needlecraft “Pierre”
Other Kits
Unknown kit/pictures from the 1970’s
Pictures for Inspiration

These are not flower loom kits but they are great ideas for making your own flower loom pictures

Storybook Tree crewel design, 1974

This tree would look lovely worked with flowers made on a tiny flower loom

Different styles of flowers can be put together to form complex arrangements. Add embroidered flowers in a range of textures to fill out the background.

For this design you could make open centred flowers, french knot centred flowers, puffy flowers and puffy petal flowers on a Hana-Ami loom and stitch them down in different ways. The bulrushes and leaves could be stitched with a dense pile embroidery technique for a luxurious velvet-look.

Posies and small baskets are a fun idea for flowers made on very small looms

You don’t have to settle for stitching your loomed flowers onto a plain fabric. Brightly coloured flowers on gingham, stripes, plaid or houndstooth check make a bold statement.

Place your flowers in a geometric pattern for a more understated look.

Think outside the box when it comes to the shape of your design. Framing in embroidery hoops has made a comeback and ovals work well for vertical designs

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, March 25th 2011 unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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