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Wrister Pattern

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Wrist warmer with leaf pattern

from “The Ladies’ Guide to Elegant Lace Patterns, Etc.”


Materials and Gauge

This pattern can be knit with any weight yarn and needles to match.

The original pattern contained no information about yarn weight or needle sizes but suggests 6 leaf shapes would fit around the average wrist.

I knit the sample with fingering weight yarn and 3mm needles at a gauge of 28sts per 10 cm/4″ and it will fit a hand 7½ inches around, which was the average size of the era.


Cast on 6 sts using a provisional cast on and knit as follows until you have enough leaf shapes to fit around your wrist. Make sure they will also fit over your hand or you will need to add buttons to get them on.

Note: The second loop of all double yarn overs are dropped on the following row.

In Words

Row 1 (RS): sl 1, (k1, yo) three times, p2tog

Row 2 (WS): (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p3, k2

Row 3: sl, k2, yo, k1, yo, k2, yo, p2tog

Row 4: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p5, k2

Row 5: sl 1, k3, yo, k1, yo, k3, yo, p2tog

Row 6: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p7, k2

Row 7: sl 1, k4, yo, k1, yo, k4, yo, p2tog

Row 8: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p2tog, p7, k2

Row 9: sl 1, k1, ssk, k7, yo, p2tog

Row 10: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p2tog, p5, k2

Row 11: sl 1, k1, ssk, k5, yo, p2tog

Row 12: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p2tog, p3, k2

Row 13: sl 1, k1, ssk, k3, yo, p2tog

Row 14: (yo) twice, p2tog, k1, p2tog, p1, k2

Row 15: sl 1, k1, ssk, k1, yo, p2tog

Row 16: (yo) twice, p2tog, p2, k2


Click here if you would prefer a stitch map

Knitting chart for a leaf edged writers

Cast off using a three needle bind off to join the cast on and cast off edges together to form a loop.

Pick up the slipped stitches along the straight edge and work k1, p1 rib in the round for your desired length. Cast off.

The original publication of this pattern is in the public domain. However, this modernised version, chart and all photographs are copyright Sarah Bradberry, September 26th 2014.

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