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Diamond Lace with Blonde Edge

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Cast on 19sts and knit 1 row
Commence from row 1 of chart

Lace knitting chart

Rows 1-12 form pattern. Repeat until desired length

In Words

Cast on 19sts and knit 1 row

1st row: yo, p2tog, k2, yo, k2tog, (k3, k2tog, yo) twice, k3

2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th rows: Sl 1, k to last 2st, yo, p2tog

3rd row: yo, p2tog, k3, yo, k2tog, k1, k2tog, yo, k3, k2tog, yo, k4

5th row: yo, p2tog, k4, yo, k3tog, yo, k3, k2tog, yo, k5

7th row: yo, p2tog, k2, (yo) twice, k2, yo, (k3, yo, k2tog) twice, k3

8th row: Sl 1, k16, p1 (thus making 2sts out of the double yarn over on the previous row), k2, yo, p2tog

9th row: yo, p2tog, k6, yo, k5, yo, k2tog, k3, yo, k2tog, k2

11th row: yo, p2tog, k6, yo, k7, yo, k2tog, k3, yo, k2tog, k1

12th row: Sl 1, k17, on the left hand needle pass the last 5 sts over the 1st stitch, then knit it.

Rows 1-12 form the pattern. Repeat for desired length

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 2002

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