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Paragon Fair-Isle Charts 2

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PAragon Fair-Isle Charts book Number 2

This little booklet from New Zealand dates somewhere from the late 1940’s to early 1950’s and contains a range of small, medium and large knitting charts for adult’s and children’s knitwear. The designs include:

  • Sitting elephant
  • Chinese dragon
  • Golfer
  • Duck
  • Swan
  • Ground hockey players
  • Ballerina
  • Cricket player
  • Kiwi bird
  • Silver fern leaf
  • Parrot
  • Three bunny rabbits
  • A cowboy on a horse
  • A sailor
  • Mary with her little lamb (on the way to school!)
  • An Airedale terrier puppy

These designs can be used on any knitting pattern that has enough stitches for them to fit.

 Download Paragon Fair-Isle Chart Book No.2

Download Paragon Fair-Isle Charts No.2 in Designaknit format. These files are for use with DesignaKnit software

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