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Button My Shoe Toddler Slippers

Knitted duckie slippers for toddlers. Free knitting pattern.


  • 2 ozs. 4-ply, small quantity of contrasting colour for bills;
  • 1 pr. Old UK No. 10/US 3/metric 3.25mm needles;
  • an old felt hat or piece of soft leatherfor soles;
  • small amount of polyester toy stuffing;
  • 2 buttons.


To fit No. 5 to No. 7. (to fit a foot length 13.5 to 14.5 cm or US size 4½ to 5½)


7½ stitches equals 1 inch.


Cast on 57 sts.

1st row: K.1, * P.1, K.1, repeat from * to end.

Repeat 1st row 5 times.

Continue working in moss st., dec. once each end of needlein next and every following 4th row till 43 sts remain.

Work 10 rows without shaping.

Next row: P.1, K.1, yo, K2tog, moss st. to end.

Work 1 row in moss st. Cast off.


Cast on 11 sts., work in moss st, inc. once at each end of needle in every row till there are 19 sts. on needle, then every alt. row till there are 25 sts.

Work 26 rows without shaping, then dec. each end of needle in next and every 3rd row till 5 remain.

Break off wool, thread through remaining sts., and fasten off.

Head – Front

Cast on 3 sts., K.1, P.1, K.1.

Continue in moss st., inc. once at each end of needle in every row till there are 11 sts.

Work 5 rows without shaping.

Cast off 2 sts. at beg. of next 4 rows.

Cast off 3 sts.


Cast on 9 sts, work 8 rows in stocking st., dec. at each end of every row till 3 sts. remain.

Break off wool, thread through remaining sts and fasten firmly. Sew two edges together.

To Make Up

Cut leather or felt double to size of sole of child’s shoe.

Sew fronts around sole to commencement of dec.

Sew backs. Cast on edges of back around sole overlapping front piece by ¾ inch.

Sew dec. edge to front for 1 inch.

Sew button on underside of turnover.

Gather head piece slightly. Place some polyester toy stuffing inside, sew on to toe, placing bill underneath.

Make eyes with black thread.

The original publication of this pattern is in the public domain, however this version with updated information is copyright Sarah Bradberry, 13th July 2014. All rights reserved.