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Pom-Pon and Fluff Rugs. Book 800

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Pom-Pon and Fluff Rugs. Book 800 coverSunburst pom pom rug

Scotty dog pom pom rugGreen geometric pom pom rug

This booklet contains patterns for thirteen pom-pon and tufted rug patterns and two bathrooms sets, plus four crocheted pot holders, three curtain tiebacks (two crochet and one pom-pon), a “bathroom” pincushion and set of coasters.

It contains full instructions on using the Lily Pom and Tuft form from 1941. You can also use a 1¼ – 1½ inch pom-pom maker if desired but the Lily forms are still quite easy to find.

The yarn used in this booklet is worsted weight, 4 ply cotton.

You will need to enlarge the patterns so they match the dimensions mentioned.

The designs include:

  • “Ship” tufted rug
  • “Rose” tufted rug
  • “Mosaic” pom pon rug
  • “Scotty” tufted rug
  • “Spring Flowers” pom pon bathroom set
  • “Simplicity” pom pon rug
  • “Rainbow” pom pon rug
  • “Quilt Block” pom pon rug
  • “Fan” tufted bathroom set
  • “Indian” pom pon rug
  • “Star” tufted rug
  • “Linked Circles” tufted rug
  • “Classic” tufted rug
  • “Colonial” tufted rug
  • “Plaid” crocheted pot holder
  • “Pinwheel” crocheted pot holder
  • “Rose” crocheted pot holder
  • “Basket Weave” crocheted pot holder
  • “Bathroom Pincushion” crochet
  • “Linked Ring” crocheted curtain tiebacks
  • “Cluster” crocheted curtain tiebacks
  • “Pom pon” pom pon curtain tieback
  • “Coasters” crochet
  • “Tiger Skin” tufted rug

download pdf Download the booklet in pdf format

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, June 15th 2014. All rights reserved.

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