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The Book of Good Needlework Number 5

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aka The Good Needlework Fifth Gift-Book

The Book of Good Needlework number fiveFronts piece from The Book of Good Needewrok number five, featuring vintage embroidery on pillows, tea cosies, doilies, pictures and a fire screen

In the early 1930’s Good Needlework and Knitting magazine released a series of books to promote their vast range of iron on embroidery transfers. They included every type of embroidery project imaginable, from doilies and table runners, bags, book covers and desk blotters to curtains and lingerie.

This is the fifth book in the series and, like the other books, it contains a large number of embroidery projects including tea cosies, cushions, table runners and doilies.

Of particular note in this volume are the various technique lessons. These include a large section on using and incorporating lace and net in embroidery and sewing, tufted embroidery, shadow quilting, working small and medium embroidered motifs in different styles, embroidering lettering, making doll’s furniture, curtains and slip covers.

Five books were published in this series and I’ve made them all available on my embroidery page.

pdf download Download “The Book of Good Needlework Number Five”

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