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Wheel Design in Crochet

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Appleby Lace

These wheels are pretty and may be joined by crocheting the picots together while making them, or you may sew them together if you wish after they are made.

Make a chain of 8 sts and join into a ring using sl st.

1st round: 5 ch (3 of them take the place of the 1st dc), 1dc in circle, *2ch, 1dc in circle; repeat from * 5 times more
(or until you have 7 loops), ch2, join with a sl st to to 3rd ch at the beginning of the round.

2nd round: one sc on every st and 2 sc into each space of the previous round.

3rd round: Chain 10, miss 2sts, 1dc in next st, **ch7, miss 2 sts, 1dc in next st; repeat from * 5 times, ch7, join to 3rd ch at the beginning of round with a sl st.

4th round: Over 7ch of previous round work *3sc, 1 picot of 4 ch, 2sc, 1 picot, 2sc, 1 picot, 3sc; repeat from * in each 7
chain loop to the end of the round. Join to beginning of round with a sl st and fasten off. This completes one wheel.

The original version of this pattern is in the public domain.  Updated pattern and image copyright © Sarah Bradberry 2002

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