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Slumber Robe in Crochet

Free knitted lace pattern, updated from 1891 original

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Appleby Lace

This pattern was first published in 1891.

This slumber robe is made in small squares, each one in crazy crochet, with all colors of wool excepting the outside row, as the frame of all the squares must be either black, brown, very dark blue or dark wine colour, and the centre
circle white or some other light color. (Suggested colors with the original pattern were yellow, green, pink or rose, and black).

Using your lightest color yarn make a chain of 6 stitches and join into a ring

1st round: 3ch , 2dc, 3ch, *3dc, 3ch; repeat from * twice more, join with a slip st to the 3rd of the 3ch. Fasten off.

2nd round: Join 2nd color and work 3ch, 2dc, 2ch, 3dc all in first space, then 3dc, 2ch, 3dc in remaining 3 corners. Join with a sl st to the 3rd of the first 3 ch. Fasten off.

3rd round: Join your third color and work as for the previous round, with an extra group of 3dc in the center of each side. Fasten off.

4th round: Join black and work as previous rounds, but work 8dc in each corner without chains. This completes one square.

Make as many as are preferred and sew or crochet them together as desired. Work a row of sc all around the robe and finish the ends with a fringe of the various colors or clear black. In making the robe you can of course use whatever colors you prefer, but to look nice the frame of the square should be dark.

The original version of this pattern is in the public domain.  Updated pattern and image copyright © Sarah Bradberry 2002

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