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Goodbye Buttonhole Stitch, Hello Feather Stitch. TAST Week 3

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I decided to embroider one last little thing with buttonhole stitch before getting stuck into this week’s feather stitch sampler. Introducing the first of what will probably become a new obsession, an embroidered brooch.

Tiny fabric brooch with flowers worked in buttonhole stitch

The flowers and leaves measure just 2 inches or 5cm across and are worked in buttonhole stitch, or close blanket stitch (whatever you prefer to call it) with two strands from 6 strand embroidery cottons in variegated orange and green.

It has a plain unbleached calico back with some fleece batting in between, all held together with the satin stitch edging. I sewed a brooch pin on the back but you could sew the finished patches to anything if you want them to be permanent.

Whilst I used a vintage transfer for the flowers, the project was inspired by “Embroidery Emblem”, a Japanese embroidery book that I bought in Sydney a few years ago.

Embroidery Emblem, Japanese Embroidery Book

I love the idea of creating little embroidered fragments and using them as objects in their own right. Maybe I’ll try a bracelet or two as well.

Now, on to this week’s TAST sampler which will be mostly feather stitch.

I don’t think it’s a surprise that I’m going to stitch an underwater scene 🙂
I thought I’d work the fish with a stem stitch outline and leave it as a sort of negative space fish amid the garden of feather stitch seaweed and coral. I’m going to try and obliterate that darn crease with a heck of a lot of stitching. And beads. Yeah, beads.

Sketched and painted background for a feather stitch embroidery ready to stitch

I’m having a lot of fun with these samplers just starting with “I wonder what will happen if”…

I think I’ll start with the border.

Some useful links:
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