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Free Knitting Patterns for Some Super Groovy Toys

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Many years ago, when the internet was mostly made of text and your website host complained if your site went over a megabyte in size, I paid a rather exhorbitant price for a lift-out from a 1968 Australian Women’s Weekly in an out of the way antique shop in rural Victoria. Alas, when I went to knit the toys, the front page had been torn in half and was nowhere to be found. To say I was miffed would be a massive understatement.

Imagine my surprise all these years later to find the exact patterns available in Trove, the Australian National Library’s online digital archive.

Groovy knitted toys from the October 2nd Australian Women's Weekly, 1968
Groovy knitted toys from the October 2nd Australian Women’s Weekly, 1968

(Re)Introducing: The Mod Menagerie of Beasts and Birds including, The King of the Beasts, Carrot-Power Cottontail, Cat of Super Colors, Mopsy Bird, Hippie-Potamus, Wiggy Bird, Flower Bearing Bruin and Bangle Bell Bossy. They’re all knit at 3sts to the inch to make them super groovy and super fast.


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