Domestic Lust

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I first saw her standing by the stereo at some
now long forgotten party.

June it was.

Or maybe July.

She had a drink in her hand and wore
a little black dress
that made me think of all the things
it was hiding underneath.

I looked away before she caught my eye

tried to think of housework
or the overdue bills that were piling on my desk.

Need to mow the laundry

hang out the cat

take the lawn to the vet.

oh GOD, that DRESS...

etched on my mind as solidly as
the baked on grease
nothing would shift from the
top of my stove.

I left the party in a daze

My thoughts filled with that body in
little dress my
stomach in knots like
the tangled
clothes spilling from the
when I open the door and
I wonder why i never
spoke to her
and think of all the things
i should have said.

While I wash the dishes.

Tidy the living room.

And greet my husband at the door
with a smile
when he's late home from work.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry. All rights reserved