A Thankyou to Jim and Brian Henson

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I think everyone has, or should have, someone they look up to as a child. Someone to model your life on who embodies the good things that you would aspire to become.
My heroes are Jim and Brian Henson, the puppeteers most famous for the Muppets and the children's educational show, Sesame Street.

When I was a young child the work of the Henson company brought laughter to my life. In an otherwise painful household I learnt from them that laughter was an escape from all the things that can hurt a child and that the fantasy world I had created to escape to was real to more people than just myself.

When I first saw Jim Henson's Storyteller series as a teenager I was struck by the quality of the imagery and the puppets, the fantasy world in those stories was exactly the way I had imagined, with no concessions when something might have been difficult to achieve or create. I was totally lost in their world, and still am every time I watch it. I learnt from this that there is value in doing your best, and that the joy of creating something is evident in the finished product.

I cried when Jim passed away, as many people did, I'm sure. I would have liked to thank him for making a painful childhood not only bearable, but joyful on those occasions when I watched his creations and was lost in them. I would have liked to thank him for showing me that there is honour in making beautiful things and in loving doing so. And I would have loved for him to be able to see that his son is now making shows like Gulliver's Travels in which I am sure he would have been very proud.

Sarah Bradberry, October 28, 1997

Copyright © 1997 Sarah Bradberry