Twisted Knitting

From Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee. Original text at Project Gutenberg.

Twisted knitting from Cornelia Mee's Exercises in Knitting

Cast on 12 stitches, knit and seam alternate rows for 8 rows; the 3 first and last stitches of each row are always knit.

Ninth row:—Knit 3 stitches, take a third pin and knit 3 more, knit the remainder of the stitches with the first pin.

Tenth row:—Knit 3 stitches, seam the 3 stitches on the third pin, seam the other 3, knit the 3 edge stitches. This completes 1 twist, and is repeated after every 8 rows.

Updated Version

Twisted Knitting

Using yarn of your choice and appropriately sized needles, CO 12 sts.

Set-up rows:
Row 1 (RS): k across

Row 2 (WS): k3, p6, k3

Pattern rows:
Rows 3 – 8: repeat rows 1 and 2 three times

Row 9: k3, sl 3 sts to cn (as if to purl) and hold to back of work, k3, k3 from cn, k3

Row 10: k3, p6, k3

Repeat pattern rows until work is desired size, ending with row 8. BO knitwise.

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