Pomatomus Inspired Mitts

“Mermaid” or Pomatomus Gloves/Fingerless Mitts

Pomatomus Inspired Mitts (Mermaid Mitts) in Knit Picks Memories

Pomatomus Inspired Mitts (Mermaid Mitts) in Knit Picks Memories

A popular bunch of fingerless mitt or gauntlet patterns have sprung up on the net based on Cookie A’s Pomatomus sock pattern from the Knitty.com Winter 2005 issue.

Sadia, who was inspired to make a pair of mitts after disappointed with the fit of her 3 Pomatomus repeats on her legs, writes:

“I converted what was to be socks into mitts, after I found that the cuff I’d knit using KnitPicks Memories fit better and looked more elegant on my arm than on my calf. I consulted both Steph’s mermaid gloves as well as Rineke’s shorter Pomatomus mitts with modification pattern

“I made the arm sections on mine about 4 repeats long, and then started the thumb increases over the length of another repeat, knitted one more pattern repeat, and then continued k1 p1 into the fingers. Additionally, my mitts were knit using the Magic Loop method, which was fairly easy to adapt the pomatomus stitches to. I also chose to do the Pomatomus repeats on both sides, even through the palm, like the Mermaid mitts.”

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