Lace Knitting

Diamond ace scarf by Diane Mulholland

Lace knitting or knitted lace is a technique used to create an open, lacy fabric mimicking the older crafts of bobbin lace, tatting and needle lace. The generally accepted distinction between lace knitting and knitted lace is that the first consists of rows of pattern alternating with plain purl or knit rows; the second has pattern stitches in every row.

Beautiful and intricate patterns can be created by using only a few simple stitches. The most common are yarn-over, k2tog and ssk.

Lace knitting in the process of blocking

Lace patterns are popularly used on shawls and scarves, and are also often incorporated in cardigans, baby-wear and socks. Lace is often finished by blocking which causes the pattern to show more clearly.

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