A length of working yarn that floats or is carried along the fabric while other stitches are worked.

Floats may appear in a number of knitting techniques:

  • Fair isle knitting works with multiple colors at one time. The color (or colors) that isn’t being worked is carried along behind the fabric while the current color works the stitches on the needle. When working fair isle, you must be careful not to make your floats too short, or the fabric will pucker in your design.
  • Double knitting works with two right-sides of a fabric at the same time, usually working with one color and side at a time. The unused color is floated in front of slipped stitches and behind worked stitches.
  • Mosaic knitting is a slipped stitch technique that uses multiple colors, working only one color per row. The working yarn floats behind the slipped stitches.
  • Right-side floats may be used for decorative purposes.

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