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The KnitWiki was started on February 21st, 2007 and currently has 360 articles.


Unfortunately, the wiki is closed to new users and all edits by everyone but me because of continual spam problems. However, you may continue to view all contents of the wiki as normal.

Top Ten Pages
  1. Baby Surprise Jacket‏‎ (565,962 views)
  2. Main Page‏‎ (489,926 views)
  3. Brioche Stitch‏‎ (190,507 views)
  4. Magic Loop‏‎ (187,489 views)
  5. Bedspread (Counterpane with Leaves)‏‎ (147,760 views)
  6. Lattice Pattern‏‎ (128,828 views)
  7. Raspberry Stitch‏‎ (124,492 views)
  8. Quilt (Square Counterpane with Leaves)‏‎ (119,416 views)
  9. Fagot Stitch‏‎ (111,140 views)
  10. Shoulder Shawl‏‎ (104,945 views)
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