Fully fashioned shaping

Full-fashion refers to a technique of placing increases or decreases a few stitches in from the edge of your knitting piece.

A full-fashion increase or decrease leaves a smooth edge to your knitted pieces, making the process of joining using mattress stitch or any other stitch simpler.

What it’s for

Pattern Abbreviations

FFINC, FFInc, FF inc Full-fashion increase 1 stitch
FFDEC, FFDec, FF dec Full-fashion decrease 1 stitch
(number) FF inc/FF dec Move (number) of stitches when increasing/decreasing


Hand knitting

Plan your project to include at least one “edge stitch” on each side. Begin and end all rows with K1 or P1, as appropriate, with all increases or decreases taking place in the second – or further – stitch from the edge. (Increasing the number of edge stitches can result in dramatic fashion elements, especially in rib patterns.)

Machine knitting

In plain pattern knitting, use a 2 or more prong tool to move edge stitches over one needle. When increasing, catch the heel bar of the last moved stitch to avoid yarn-over holes in the fabric unless they are an element of the stitch pattern. Full-fashion increases/decreases may occur at any needle position, requiring the rest of the stitches on that row to be moved prior to knitting it with the carriage.

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