101 Uses for I-Cord

Can we design 101 different ways to use i-cord? Of course we can! This project will include patterns for appliqués, trims, projects made from i-cord and different i-cord techniques.
How to knit i-cord
Making i-cord using a knitting spool

  1. Idiot Mittens! Where one mitten is joined by the i-cord that runs up one sleeve and down the other to the other mitten. The original source of the term, thanks to and coined by Saint Elizabeth Zimmermann. C’mon, I had these as a kid, didn’t you?
  2. weave a rug!
  3. Create a Flying Spaghetti Monster toy
  4. Make sure boy dolls are anatomically correct *ahem* Thank you, Brenda Dayne!
  5. Shoe. Laces. Shoelaces!
  6. Ply several strands of a metallic yarn or thread together, and make a fancy belt for that Little Black Dress.
  7. Use silk threads and make necklaces, stringing on hand-fired glass beads or PMC creations.
  8. Knit and join together with the edge of an item you’re decorating.
  9. Make a decorative edge to a garment.
  10. Appliqué the stuff for decoration (please to submit examples of what you’ve done!)
  11. Create frog closures.
  12. Make decorative knotwork and appliqué it down.
  13. spaghetti strap shoulder-straps for your nightie, a camisole, or a slinky evening dress. It all depends on the material you use.
  14. Handles to a beaded purse.
  15. Handles to a felted bag. Braid multiple strands for (a) strength, and (b) visual effect.
  16. Braid several and make a belt.
  17. Tie on your sun hat.
  18. Make a decorative hat band.
  19. Here’s one woman’s method of applying i-cord in the making.
  20. Make a really long one and then sew it into a circular rug or doormat.
  21. Use it to entertain your cats.
  22. Make a lot of it and knit it into a scarf as done by Zeeppo. The Yarn Harlot shows a great picture on her blog. This long scarf is a prop used by clowns and will be over 100 feet long. It will take six months to make. This is a link to the blog for The Marley Scarf. The Marley Scarf is named for Bob Marley because the icord looks like Dreadlocks.
  23. Make a dreadlock wig to go with your Marley scarf.
  24. Make a many-colored clown wig!
  25. Graft to the sides of a triangular scarf to create a bandanna.
  26. Use one on either side of an eye mask as ties. (This is especially luxurious with aromatherapy yarn!)
  27. Make drapery tiebacks. Change out colors seasonally.
  28. Make a lanyard for your embroidery scissors or jump drive. Thread the yarn through the attaching ring first (a jump ring or hold on the item), knit to the half-way point, slip your item into place, then knit the other half.
  29. Knit matching i-cord necklaces in the same yarn for family members when going to a public outing and knot them loosely around each person’s neck – but not loose enough to fit over the head. It provides an easy point of identification for kids who may wander off. (I’ve done this regularly, and it works very, very well!)
  30. 30. knit a 42″ 4 stitch i-cord, tying it into a celtic knot and adding jewelry findings to make a necklace
  31. knit a 40″ i-cord and sew it into a spiral to make a coaster
  32. knit a short i-cord, tying it into a knot, adding jewelry findings to make a bracelet.
  33. you can also use up scrap bits of yarn and make a necklace, sewing one end into a spiral and sewing a bit of elastic on the other end to stretch over the spiral to serve as a closure
  34. you could braid several short pieces together and add a bit of elastic where they join to make a headband.
  35. A REALLY long i-cord could be sewn together to make a coiled rope basket.
  36. So, we’ve only gotten to number 36! Contact Sarah with any more ideas and they will be added here.

6 Responses to 101 Uses for I-Cord

  1. Becky Reynolds says:

    Make i-cord on larger end & make a door draft stopper for those cold winter months. Stuff a nylon sick in the center & fill it with rice or beans or other tie a knot in nylon stocking sew the i-cord closed at each end. Place in front of that drafty door.

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  3. Teresa McLaughlin says:

    I cut a small slit in a pillow case and thread a long, complete I cord through the hem of the pillow case and use pillow as a duffel bag

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