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Check Weave on the Weavette

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A Weavette square with woven check design

Playing with colour on small looms is a lot of fun and you can achieve surprising results with little effort.

4 inch weavette loom

This weave can be done on any size weavette loom.

Start by tying off two colours at the beginning of your weave (at the number 1)

Laying the warp with two colours Wind two rows of the first colour, 2 of the second colour and so on.
The first layer of warp Continue all the way across the loom
Wrapping the second layer on a weavette loom with two colours

Turn and wrap the second layer. Begin with the same colour on every layer.

When you get to the last wrap, use both colours together so that your yarns are in the correct spot to begin the third layer.

The third layer Wrap the third layer
The final thread is doubled Using both threads together for the final wrap so that your yarns are in the correct position for weaving
Weaving the check pattern

Measure your yarns for weaving. I find that 2.5-3 wraps around the circumference of the loom are usually enough.

Beginning with the same colour as you did on the previous rounds, weave 2 rows with each colour.

The finished weaving on the weavette loom Repeat across the whole square.
The finished weavette square with check pattern The finished square

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