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"X.Y.Z,” in the ‘Daily News,’ writes:-

Ian Maclaren (pseudonym of Rev. John Watson; 3 November 1850 – 6 May 1907) was a Scottish author and theologian.

The date of this article is unknown, although it was probably published shortly after Ian Maclaren's death in 1907.

"X.Y.Z,” in the ‘Daily News,’ writes:-

Spiritual control - which some call telepathy and others coincidence - was firmly believed in by Ian Maclaren. He used to tell how one Sunday night in Liverpool he felt compelled to take the midnight train to Glasgow to see how it fared with a friend, a former colleague of his. “As the train climbed Shap in the dawn I said to myself that I had been foolish, that with the letter in my pocket telling me he was better I ought not to be hurrying to him as if he were at death’s door.

“But at the house, when I saw the servant’s face, no explanation of my call was needed. She was weeping, and told me that her master was dying. I went upstairs and took his hand; and I was with him when he passed away.” Nor, “Ian Maclaren” would declare, was this an isolated instance of his experience of the friend’s deathbed.

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