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Woman and Spook

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This article was published in The World's News (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 27th April 1907

Supernatural rappings, a ghostly light, and a spectral figure have strangely disturbed the midnight slumbers of a young married couple, who recently took up their residence in a grey stone cottage which stands on the wind-swept heights overlooking Hebden Bridge, Yorks.

First, rappings and creakings were heard; then, after an interval of many nights, the young husband, who does not seem to be of a morbidly imaginative or nervous nature, was startled in the dead of night by the appearance of a pale yellow light, which gradually grew brighter until it revealed the black-clad figure of an elderly spook, which slowly crossed the room, and then disappeared in the vicinity of the staircase.

An elderly lady who, with her husband, formerly occupied the grey cottage, declares that she often saw the apparition as described, and even conversed with him. She declares that he was, when in the flesh, an inmate of the cottage, where he lived alone until shortly before his death.

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