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How I Know that the Dead Return

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This article was published in the Townsville Daily Bulletin, Wednesday 24th February 1909

Mr. W. T. Stead, in an article entitled "How I Know that the Dead Return," in the January "Fortnightly Review," writes:-"For the past 15 years I have been convinced by the pressure of a continually accumulating mass of first-hand evidence of the truth of the persistence of personality  after death, and the possibility of intercourse with the departed. But I always said, 'I will wait until someone in my own family has passed beyond the grave before I finally declare my conviction on this subject.' Twelve months ago this month of December I saw my eldest son, whom I had trained in the fond hope that he would be my successor, die at the early age of 33.  The tie between us was of the closest. No one could deceive me by fabricated spurious messages from my beloved son. Twelve months have now passed, in almost every week of which I have been cheered and comforted by messages from my boy, who is nearer and dearer to me than ever before. The preceding twelve months I had been much abroad. I heard less frequently from him in that year than I have heard from him since he passed out of our sight. I have not taken his communications by my own hand. I knew him so well that what I wrote might have been the unconscious echoes of converse in the past. He has communicated with me through the hands of two slight acquaintances, and they have been one and all as clearly stamped with the impress of his own character and mode of thought as any of the letters he wrote to me during his sojourn on earth. After this I can doubt no more. For me the problem is solved, the truth is established, and I am glad to have this opportunity of testifying publicly to all the world that, so far as I am concerned, doubt on this subject is henceforth impossible."

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