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Reply to "How I Know that the Dead Return"

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Referring to Mr. W. T. Stead's article in the "Fortnightly Review" on "How I know That The Dead Return," quoted in this column last week, the "London Record" says it is eminently characteristic of the writer. "The article contains a record of his own experiences, and the instances he gives of appearance after death are certainly striking, although they are on much the same lines as the many other stories of that character. We cannot discuss the question here further than to say this, that it is not one with which Christian people ought to dabble. We must not be wise above that which is written. Our knowledge of the unseen world is at the best imperfect, and to seek to penetrate the hidden mysteries within the veil which conceals them from our eyes can result in no practical good, and may make shipwreck of faith."

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