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Swedenborg's Remains

A similar article to the one below was published in the Maitland Weekly Mercury, Saturday May 23rd 1908, with the event stated as happening on April 10th 1908. The correct spelling of Swedenborg's first name is " Emanuel".

Swedenborg's Remains


On Tuesday morning, in the Swedish Church of St. George's-in-the-East, London, the remains of Emmanuel (sic) Swedenborg, the great philosopher, were successfully disinterred and placed in a new coffin ready for the voyage to Sweden. Among those present were the Swedish Minister and the officials of the Legation. Since the philosopher's death in 1772 Swedenborg's body has remained in a vault under the Communion table without disturbance. The first thing done yesterday was to remove the flagstone and open the vault. It was then seen that Swedenborg's coffin, with several others, rested on a bench. The lead shell was intact, but pieces of wood forming part of the old coffin were scattered about. When the shell was opened it was found that of the great philosopher all that remained was his skull, a few bones, and a small quantity of whitish powder. The shell was closed again and placed in a large oak coffin with steel fittings and an inscription on a steel plate giving the name "Emmanuel Swedenborg," and the dates of his birth and death, 1688 and 1772.

A short service was held in the afternoon, and after the service, which was wholly in Swedish, the coffin was conveyed to Paddington and thence to Dartmouth, where the frigate "Fylgia" is at present lying. There was a short ceremony on the warship, during which the Rev. R. R. Rodgers, late Minister of the New Church at Birmingham, recited a Latin ode entitled "Vates Redux*" ("Return of the Sage"), which has been written by an admirer of Swedenborg not connected with the Church.

(*)- the central letter of this word is not clear in the orignal text: Re-ux

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