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Spiritualism - to the Editor

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Sir. -in your interesting account in to-day's "Daily Telegraph" of the recent developments of spiritualism in Melbourne, I was struck with the apparent want of accuracy in regard to the nationality of some of the spirits. The quotation which you give from Mr. Harvey's book, "Science and the Soul," mentions that special powers are possessed by "the spirits of certain men, chiefly Hindus, who formerly lived upon the earth," and it is stated elsewhere in your article that the Hindu spirits most frequently in evidence were those of two persons called Abdul and Selim. Perhaps we should not look for extreme accuracy in information derived from supernatural sources, but still I think we should expect to have better authorities than the spirits of two Hindus called Abdul and Selim. If we had been told that the spirits were those of two Mohammedans called Ramchunder and Narain Singh, or of two Germans called O'Hooligan and McDermott, it would not have sounded stranger to the ears of anyone acquainted with Indian names. I question whether in these advanced times there is a Hindu in the whole of India called Abdul or Selim, and I am certain there were none in times past ---Yours, etc.,

December 4


Sir, -Your interesting article regarding above is an evidence of a step forward in the belief in spirit phenomena. I have always maintained that phenomena can and do occur outside of all the fraud which we know exists. Men who have authority and right by learning to speak on the subject, say that at this time of day it is only the very simple or ignorant who would deny its occurrence. It is the one thing that surprises me that it is not more known and understood, seeing how simple it is for anyone who so desires to make themselves acquainted with its truth. People will readily accept all wonderful miracles or feats recorded in the Bible, and yet doubt that something not nearly so wonderful should take place to-day. We have a lot to learn yet, but Sir Oliver Lodge is about right when he says we can hear the pickaxes from the other side. My own experiments have satisfied me that not only have those who have passed away psychic power to do what the world calls wonderful feats, but that we ourselves in the flesh have almost unlimited powers, of which at present we know little, but with which we are becoming better acquainted. I honestly believe, from my own experiments, that the time is not far distant when letter writing and like correspondence will be considerably lessoned by the power to project one's thoughts with accuracy any distance, and by a perfectly simple yet rational system, which will only be in keeping with wireless telegraphy. It is only a matter of perfecting the system, as it is possible now to do so. The sceptical world looks on all the time, and doubts this and that new wonder, until they can no longer hold out against its success. Whether the apports of Mr. Bailey are genuine or not I am not personally in a position to give an opinion. I do know phenomena can and do occur, that they are by no means rare; that they are not a special gift; but that everyone more or less is what is termed a "medium." This I don't hesitate to assert. Every honest investigator will find sufficient evidence for himself, and need not go the rounds of questionable mediums to learn something. -Yours, etc.,     

December 4.

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