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Spirit Photographs

This article was published in The World's News (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 21st November 1908

Spirit Photographs

Curious Exhibition By An Archdeacon

Archdeacon Colley, rector of Stockton, Warwickshire, at the close of a sermon on Spiritualism at Manchester exhibited a series of what he called spirit photographs.

One of them, taken in March last, outside his residence, showed the archdeacon's mother, who died 50 years ago, and his father, who died in 1891, aged 81. The mother was never photographed during her life, but her likeness had been recognised by hundreds in Leamington.

In a second photograph, taken half a minute afterwards, the father and mother changed places, and the archdeacon deduces from this a double parental blessing on what he calls his anti-Sadducee work.
"Seventeen years in the higher life," said the archdeacon, "appear to work for making my father in the spirit  photograph look somewhat younger  than in the negative I took of him three years before he departed this life."

Another print shown looked, as the archdeacon said, like a psychic fog, but in the midst of the black blotch could be clearly deciphered some archaic Greek characters, and around them in 10 concentric lines some microscopical writing which, the archdeacon said, contained a message from a friend who had been dead for 25 years. The Greek characters, interpreted by Sir Oliver Lodge, were a quotation from St. Luke, ch xvii, v 4 and 5, but seven words were missing.

"This photograph, or, rather, psychograph, was taken," said the archdeacon, "without a camera. I went to a friend's house and took out three plates and put them into envelopes. I initialled them, sealed them, and retained possession of them in my hands, and no soul touched them. I took one plate between the palm of my hands, my friend clasped my hands, and a lady placed her hands above and below his. My friend then went into a trance. In a short time he said, "They are writing.'"

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