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The Boy with the Sixth Sense


Little Johann Floettum, the Norwegian boy clairvoyant whose exploits have been described in "The World's News," has been offered £10 per week by a well-known London music-hall to give examples of his skill upon the stage.

"I hope, however," said Sir Harry Seton-Karr to a representative of the "Daily Mail," "that he will not accept this offer, as it will spoil him for ever. He certainly is a very remarkable boy. I have just returned from my elk forest near Sing-Sass, in Norway, where he resides. He  is quick-witted and normal in every respect save and except for this remarkable sixth sense, which he undoubtedly possesses.

"One of the most remarkable of my own experiences with him came about in this way. About four years ago I shot at and wounded a magnificent bull elk, which, however, got clear away. I traced it for a whole day in the snow by a blood trail, but it came on to rain and the trail was lost. I have never seen that elk from that day to this.

"When Johann came to my shooting-box I mentioned the incident to him. Placing his head in his hand he described minutely what he then 'saw.' I asked him if he could draw me a diagram of the trail, and he immediately did so. With his face still buried in his hand he traced with remarkable promptitude an extraordinary circuitous track. To my amazement, it followed, at the outset, identically the path up to which I lost the trail four years ago.

"Proceeding, he doubled back on the track, and ruled off some considerable distance. "Here,' he said, 'the blood trail stops.' Continuing, he finished up abruptly in a pool, some 1800yds., as the crow flies, from the spot where I shot the animal. There, he says, the head of the elk and the leg bones now lie. He has promised to go over and satisfy one of my hands that the head is there.

"Another extraordinary thing he 'saw' was connected with a share certificate. The owner of it, a shareholder in a Norwegian railway, lost this very important document. Floettum was called in, and told him he distinctly saw the certificate in a neighbour’s house. The certificate was recovered.

"The boy discovered his remarkable sixth sense while playing hide-and-seek. In this way, quite accidentally, he found that he could see where his fellow-playmates were hiding, even when his eyes were shut. He has an elder brother perfectly normal in every way, but a little brother, aged seven, is already developing clairvoyant powers."

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