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Sir Oliver Lodge - Passing of His Wife

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LONDON, Feb. 23.

"The beautiful faith of a scientist," is how the attitude of Sir Oliver Lodge toward the death of his wife might be described. In a special interview he said :-

"Death is not a calamity, but an adventure through which we all have to go. My endeavour at this moment is to live up to all my dear wife and I believe.

"I am absolutely convinced of the survival of the spirit; so was my wife. She was quite ready to go to rejoin our son and daughter on the other side, and looked forward to the meeting. They also were anxious she should go. She went peacefully, not as a corpse, but as one who knew that death is like the birth of a new existence. I have no anxiety regarding her.

"She does not want mourning at her little village funeral. She talked of it before she passed, saying she would like children to sing on the way from the house to the church.

"She intends to give some evidence to help the belief we both possess, for she knows the difficulties of people who do not believe. It will be a month or thereabouts before I make an attempt to communicate with my wife. If it is any consolation to others, I practise my belief because of my absolute certainty that death is merely a passing over.

"My wife is now probably resting and recovering. She will become younger, although her spirit always was young."

The bond of affection between Sir Oliver and his wife in their married life of half-a-century was a wonderful one. The funeral, which will be private, will take place to-day.

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