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The Prayer of Inspiration from the Spiritualist Church c 1907

(There are several of these prayer cards scattered throughout the scrapbook).

Oh! my God, I wish to be entirely Thine and to work on this planet for the purpose of doing what is right and just; for which reason Thou hast created me. I renounce the flesh - its sensular pleasures - the inordinate desires of nature. I renounce the selfish desires of mankind, and the unhallowed policy of great and universal cravings to obtain and possess the riches of this world. I renounce that so-called human respect which has so long kept me from communicating with the spirits of my departed and beloved friends and relations. That I may constantly be in communication and touch with the more mature of the departed is the desire of my heart. Oh! may my deportment be such as will at all times permit of my guides being spirits of power and brightness, that they may conquer the selfish desires of my heart, and lead me to become and to remain a citizen of courage and respect, of virtue and of charity. -AMEN.

The prayer of inspiration from the Spirituaist Church c1907

The prayer of inspiration from the Spirituaist Church c1907

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